A downloadable game for Windows

Egoman is a side-scrolling shooter about a Hero called EgoMan.

This is an beta build, soo it's buggy.

I'm letting the old version for you to sse the progress i made ^^

However more content are about to unfold as time pass.

If you want more information about the project you can now :
Go to my Tumblr : http://lonnesdev.tumblr.com/
Follow me on twitter : @LonnesDev
Look at the webcomics about Egoman development : http://lonnesdev.deviantart.com/

If you have a feedback for me, you can send me an email to lonnesdev@gmail.com.

This is my first game project and it absolutly need to be enhance so don't be too harsh, please. I'm trying my best !

Install instructions

Extract the folder and launch game.exe.

Make sure you have downloaded the correct file.


Egoman_v_0_3_1_win_x32.zip 58 MB
Egoman_v_0_3_1_win_x64.zip 59 MB
Egoman_0.2_win_x32.zip 16 MB
Egoman_0.2_win_x64.zip 16 MB

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